A Journey Is Not A Straight Line

It seems as though whenever I’m trying to get ‘back on track’ in my life (physically and/or mentally) something pops up to challenge my attempts.  Sound familiar?

It’s been a fairly rough week for me this week.  The Father of one of my best friend’s passed away this week.  I haven’t experienced death too much in my life (thankfully) so this hit me harder than I thought it would.  I’ve known their family since junior high and he was just one of those ‘fixtures’ that was always there whenever I spent time with my friend.  I’ve definitely been going through feelings of loss for him not being around anymore (along with utter disbelief) but mostly feelings of true empathy towards my friend.  I can’t even imagine what she must be going through right now, especially as an only child with no siblings to help support her and her Mom through this difficult time.

This week has definitely challenged my attempt to bring more positive energy into my life.  I think that it’s definitely important to feel your feelings and ‘let it out’ when life throws challenges your way.  But it’s also just as important to pull yourself out of it and get back on to the path of the visions that you have set for your life.  One thing that I have definitely learned is that the journey of your life is not a straight line.  There will be ups and downs, zigs and zags, and ‘pauses’ along the way.  These ‘detours’ are inevitable, we all have them, but it’s the ability to get back on to your personal journey that shows your true strength and perseverance.

So here I go…pulling myself up and dusting myself off to continue following the path on my personal wellness journey.