The More You Know

So you know how these days you can literally binge watch an entire series, minus the commercials and waiting a week for the next episode like you had to do in the ‘old days’?  It’s pretty sweet.  It can be good stress relief to get lost in the stories for awhile.  But it can also be easy to spend too much time on these shows.  I have definitely been guilty of this.  In an effort to counteract the binge sessions, I have been watching some of the amazing documentaries that are out there.  Some of the recent ones I’ve watched are Hungry for Change and Vegucated (both of which I would highly recommend!).  It’s crazy how watching the documentaries and soaking up the information truly invigorates me.  It really gets me pumped for watching and learning more and also for sharing with others.

So if you are signed up for Netflix or Shomi (if you’re not, why the heck not for around $8/month each???), or if you have cable and are able to PVR things, I would highly recommend that you watch a documentary that interests you.  Maybe between seasons of a show that you’re watching to begin with.  Then try to watch more and more, whenever you can fit them in.  I am definitely drawn to the documentaries about nutrition and the food industry the most, but my goal is to expand my focus to things I may not be initially interested in.  It’s important to be as well rounded as possible, right?

Children of the 80’s and 90’s may remember the infamous ‘The More You Know’ rainbow ad on t.v. from PSA’s back then.  As cheesy as it was, it still holds up today.  Knowledge truly is power.  I challenge you to watch at least 1 documentary this week and see how empowered you feel afterwards.

Happy Friday!




Soap Nuts Anyone?

In an effort to branch out my ‘clean’ journey, I’ve been using soap nuts to replace laundry detergent over the past couple of months.  I know what you’re thinking…what the heck is a soap nut?  Honestly, I was skeptical at first too. What are these things and how can a nut get my clothes clean?

First, a bit of a history lesson.  Soap nuts (also known as soapberries) are actually not nuts, but are fruits that grow on trees in Nepal and India.  They are natural, biodegradable, and petroleum-free.  You put a handful in a cloth bag (usually comes with the nuts when you buy them) and just throw them in with your laundry.  You can use 4 or 5 nuts for up to 5 loads.  They are available at health food stores but you can also find them online.

I have to say, I’ve been pleasantly surprised.  Not only are my clothes clean, but they smell nice and fresh (not like the fake chemical ‘clean’ smells from regular laundry detergents).  Plus you save tons of money and feel much better about yourself and the environment!  The brand I’ve been using is Earth Basics and I ordered them on Amazon, but there are many other brands as well.

There are so many other uses for these magical nuts also.  You can make a liquid detergent, use them in your dishwasher, as an all purpose cleaner, glass cleaner, shampoo, body and face wash, insect repellent, to clean your pets, to clean your jewellery, and to wash your car.  Wow!  Looks like I’ll have to try some of these other uses for them also!

Something I’ve found when trying new beauty and cleaning products is that the ‘cleaner’ they are, the less ‘suds’ they produce.  I think that we’ve all be so used to associating clean with suds that if something doesn’t produce suds we don’t think it actually cleans properly.  It’s just something that we have to reprogram in our brains.  Lesson of the day: Suds do not equal clean!

Give these crazy nuts a try.  I’d love to know your thoughts!

Have a happy Sunday!