Is It Next Year ALREADY?!?!

The gifts have been given and received.   The food and drinks have been (most likely overly) indulged in.  The family and friends have been visited with.  The sleeping patterns have been disturbed.  Many lasting memories have been made and much frivolity has been had.  Good times.

So…now what???

Whether you’re feeling guilt over straying from your normal healthy diet (please don’t!), or you’re feeling pride from being able to stay on track (congrats!), it’s time for another year to begin.  Another year to be able to set and achieve your personal goals.  Whether big or small, I do believe that ‘New Year’s Resolutions’ can be a good motivator, as well as a reminder of things to strive for in the coming year.

I believe that it’s important to set and plan for bigger goals (for example, buying a home or starting a family), but it’s equally important to set and plan for smaller goals (for example, being more mindful on a daily basis or calling your loved ones more often).  Achieving the small goals will help to keep you motivated and moving forward to achieve more smaller and bigger goals throughout the year.

So however it works best for you, make some plans for next year.  Just remember…plan for both bigger AND smaller goals.  Motivation to continue to pursue your plans is key.

Here’s to feeling accomplished in 2016!!!








Tis the Season

As usual, December has snuck up way too quickly!  It’s funny…for how much I looove Christmas, I’m never ‘prepared’ for it.  How does something that happens the same time every year surprise me EVERY YEAR???  Oh well.  Such is life.

So there are a few weeks left until Christmas and I’ve barely put a dent in my Christmas gift shopping.  I’m starting to feel the ‘pressure’, which is my least favourite part of Christmas.  My ‘warm fuzzy’ feelings surrounding Christmas come from my childhood, where there were so many ‘classic’ Christmas Eves spent at my Nana’s house with all of my relatives, along with the wonderful Christmas Days that my Mom lovingly put together for myself and my three younger siblings.  My most favourite parts were spending time with family and friends, along with watching their faces when they opened the gifts that I had chosen especially for them.

So the main focus of my day tomorrow (aside from putting up the Christmas tree and going to see a Christmas horror movie with the boyfriend) will be to put my thinking cap on, along with getting my internet-research fingers ready, and try to come up with unique and inexpensive ideas for my loved ones this year.  My plan is to get some ideas and use them in time for this Christmas, and then really hone my creative/research skills in time for next Christmas.

As I get older, I find that I don’t want (or need) as much ‘stuff’ as I did in my younger years.  Who has room for it all???  So trying to come up with new ways to celebrate Christmas (as well as other holidays) with my family and friends is definitely on my ‘to do’ list for the last few weeks of this year and going into next year.

I’ll keep you posted on my progress, and maybe even share some stories of ideas that worked out well for me this Christmas (here’s hoping!).  Feel free to let me know of any different ways that you’re celebrating Christmas this year, or ideas that you have that you’d like to try out.

Happy December!