Taking Baby Steps On Your Health Journey

Sometimes trying to be healthy can be overwhelming.  Especially in a world where everyone’s trying to sell you the latest ‘fad’ diet.  It can get expensive too!

One thing that I’ve found eases the anxiety is taking baby steps.  You don’t need to totally restock your pantry all at once.  That can be both overwhelming and expensive!  If you just try one new thing every now and then (maybe every pay day?) it’s a step in the right direction.  For example, buy some coconut oil (one of my favourite things!).  It’s so versatile (skin moisturiser, hair treatment, cooking oil, baking oil, add to coffee, oil pulling, etc.).  You could also try swapping out your regular fruit/vegetables (for example, apples) for organic ones.  Try some organic high quality dark chocolate instead of regular milk chocolate.  There are so many delicious options!

All of these baby steps will add up to a pantry full of good stuff so that you won’t need to buy much to try out a new recipe.  But there’s no rush.  Take your time.  No need to break the bank or stress yourself out.  You’ll get there.

Now go forth…and try something new!



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