Honouring Courage and Sacrifice

Today is Remembrance Day in Canada.  Most provinces recognize this day as a statutory holiday so we are able to enjoy a day off from work and/or school today.  Although it is always nice to get an ‘extra’ day off, it is important to take some time (whether a minute or an hour) to remember the reason why we are able to enjoy this day off every year.

Remembrance Day (originally named Armistice Day) originated in the early 1900’s and marked the end of hostilities during WWI.  The poppy flower is a symbol of remembrance for the events and sacrifices made during times of war.  The flowers often overgrew the mass graves left by battles during WWI.  The well-known poem In Flanders Fields by John McRae helped to solidify the poppy as the universal symbol of Remembrance Day.  The poppy flower pins were originally crafted and sold by disabled veterans.

Today is a beautiful sunny Fall day here in BC and I am enjoying a leisurely day in my sweatpants, sans make-up.  Amidst this day off, my boyfriend and I spent a minute of silence at 11 AM to honour the courage and sacrifice made by so many before us, along with so many current soldiers continuing to fight for our freedom and safety.  Whether you ‘agree’ with war or not, please take some time today to be thankful for the freedoms that we are able to enjoy because so many fight for us to keep them.

I thank you all for your amazing courage, sacrifice, and true love of our country.



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