In The Beginning

I’ve always found it weird but wonderful how I feel true peace when viewing a solitary tree in an open field, even for only a brief moment.  I imagine how peaceful it must be for that tree and that it truly has all that it needs.  Sunshine, rain, and air each taking their turn to supply the tree with its basic needs to help it flourish.

As we all know, humans and animals have basic needs as well.  The ones that immediately jump to our minds are the need for food and water.  We all know this…we’ve intrinsically known this since the day we were born.  As we grow up various other ‘needs’ arise, along with many ‘wants’.  Our society today has come up with so many different options (dare I say too many?) to satisfy both our needs and our wants.  Unfortunately, there are now so many options that people easily ‘lose their way’ and get swept up with the ‘easy’ and the ‘fast’ and the ‘cheap’ options.  Unfortunately, these options also tend to be the ones that lead us down the path of illness and weight gain, and ultimately unhappiness and even depression.

My personal journey has involved slowly but surely searching and learning about how to get ‘back to basics’ with what we put into our body.  The things you can learn along the way and implement into your life are truly amazing.  I’m currently registered for a 6 week clean eating course through a local home-grown company (Grounded Nutrition – free plug!) that I will be taking at my own pace.  I’m looking forward to learning and implementing many more positive changes in my life and sharing the ups and downs along the way.

Stay tuned for many more posts along my journey from the ground up!


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